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Tough week = yoga

20 Aug

This week has been tough so far. Apparently the universe hates me this week. Or my biorhythms are just way off. Who knows. But I decided to do a bit of yoga when I got home to try and clear the brain and body.

I have a subscription to YogaGlo which is awesome. yoga galSo many videos to choose from, so many ways to filter. I chose a basic one for 30 minutes that focused on stress reduction. I’ve used yoga before for that and it’s always worked well for me. I haven’t been in a habit of it for the last year or so. I’m hoping to focus on getting back into it after I get running on a regular basis again. (One step at a time!)

A strange thing happened when I started it today. It sounds weird (although not if you do yoga)…I felt the energy moving. I felt it going into places in my body that have just been closed off and tense. I felt my breathing deepen – far deeper than it has been in a while.

And it’s made me realize a few things. One, yoga really helps me. Even 30 minutes helps me. And two, boy have I been stressed. You’d think running would beat a lot of that out of me but apparently not yet. So I think this weekend, I’m going make a list (yay lists!): what am I so stressed about? And what can I do each day to help counter that?

Besides cocktails, of course. 😉


Starting yoga

4 Oct

I started to do yoga in the mornings.

I only do 20 minutes, because I’m not willing to get up any earlier than I already do. But instead of hitting snooze for 20 minutes, I get up and do yoga. Last week I did it on two days, and I’ve done it every day this week so far.

Yoga places are so expensive, and I knew I wouldn’t go to enough classes to make a membership worthwhile. But my friend KB told me about a great website that for only $18 a month, you can use the videos anytime and for as much as you can. They had a 15-day free trial, so I tried it last week. The videos are great! I tried a video that was probably a bit above my level, but I did OK. Kinda like when I did the yoga class with KB before. I have a Facebook friend who is a yoga master, and she said this was a really good website too.

Why am I doing yoga, you ask? Well, I like the stretching and increased flexibility you supposedly get from yoga. I also like the centering and peacefulness it can bring. Plus it will be really good for me as I get old. But mainly, it will really help my dancing. Same reason I work out as much as I do. Which isn’t that much but is much more than I used to do.

So far, it’s going well. I know it will get easier over time – not easy but easier. Let’s hope I can stay with it!

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