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Happy Saturday

3 Jun

Yesterday was a fantastic day. Work, dance class, lunch with SR, dance lesson, drinks with MH. And a bunch of errands too. So it was a long day, but very productive.

And happy. Dance class was very educational and funny – crazy teachers! Lunch with SR was fun. My dance lesson went well – no thinky place and no funk. Just lots of progress. Cocktails outside at one of the best patios in town with MH on a beautiful day – so relaxing and enjoyable. Got my errands done after that, which meant lots of checking off the to-do list.

I was so happy.

I went for a walk in between the dance class and lunch with SR. I walked around the neighborhood – oh I miss living there! But I’ve been started to kinda get interested in photography, so I took my camera with me and started taking pictures. My friend AL is a photographer, and she recommended that the best way to start to understand is to practice. Take a bunch of shots and see how they look to start to learn. It was such a beautiful day, and I was back in my awesome neighborhood, so I just took pictures – trying not to look like a stalker in the process.

And they say there’s no green space in the city. What??


Love the architecture in the neighborhood


Such a cute house – although waaaaay too big for me.


Love the red accents that match the flowers




Another pretty




Gorgeous day


Yep, gotta some stuff to learn with photography. But that was the point, right? To start learning.

That day made me so happy. And content. And at peace. Happy sigh.

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