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Shiny objects…and more!

12 Apr

Who loves shiny objects? This girl, especially when it comes to dancing.

Maybe makeup is more your thing? I get that. I wish I was better at it, so I’m envious that you can work with it.

Are you a fashionista? Always looking for the new look?

mark beauty

Well, I have something for ALL OF YOU. I’m hosting an online mark. beauty party. You should check it out…makeup, skincare, fragrance, bath & body, haircare, fashion, accessories…they have it all!

mark beauty

I usually don’t host these type of parties, but I really do love this stuff. I hope you check it out! Orders will be taken through Monday only! So you better hurry up. Because seriously, you don’t want to miss this!

Flowers in my hair

29 Nov

My friend GS wears fake flowers in her hair all the time. I like that look a lot, but never was sure how to do that. I mean, pinning them in with bobby pins is an option, but I knew they wouldn’t stay well. When I had my dance gown made, I saw that my dressmaker glues ultrasuede onto hair clips, then glues the rhinestones to the ultrasuede. That gave me an idea. Could I do that with flowers?

I first toyed with gluing the flowers directly onto the hair clips. But it didn’t seem like enough surface area to attach the flowers. Aha! I had felt leftover from making felt flowers…maybe that could work?

So first I cut felt strips a bit bigger than the clips.

Then I covered the clip in the E6000 glue that I used for gluing rhinestones.

Glued the felt to the clip and let dry. I let it dry overnight which was probably way longer than it needed. Then I trimmed the felt to be just a bit bigger than the clip. Glue the flowers to the clip with E6000 (works for almost anything, I swear).

Neat huh? Here’s how it looks in my hair:

I’m kinda excited about these. (Although in hindsight, I should have used a darker felt to match my hair. DUH. Oh well, I don’t think the grey shows too much.)

It’s a way to put flowers in my hair easily, and hopefully they look good! I haven’t tried it yet, partially because I just finished these this weekend, and partially because it’s branching out a bit for me to wear flowers in my hair, so that’s hard in a way. But I love the look when GS does it, I’ve always loved it when Sarah Jessica Parker does it…

…so why not try it? Going outside the comfort zone is a good thing and can often be something small like this. So let’s give it a go!

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