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Hold me accountable

13 May

OK. Here we go. My goal: to lose 10 pounds by the middle of August. As
I’ve said, I have trouble sticking to things that involve self-care. So I’m going to tell you all my goals, my progress, my setbacks, and my struggles. I need you, dear readers, to help me stick to this. I don’t need ideas on diet or exercise; I know what to do. I just need help sticking to this!

So my goals: 128 pounds, about 25% body fat, size 6 in clothes.

As of right now, I’m at 137.5 pounds and size 10. Haven’t done my body fat percentage in a while, but I’ll have that next week.

Short-term goals for this week: sticking to my eating plan and working out.

Goals for tomorrow: go to the gym, eat 5 small meals per the plan, and do my exercises at home.

Gah, I cannot believe I just put all my weight and size info on the interwebs!

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