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Coffee tour stop #1: Bob’s Java Hut

24 Jul

So a few weeks ago, I asked friends for their recommendations of local non-chain coffee shops. This weekend, my friend SP and I started a coffee tour based on those recommendations. Stop #1: Bob’s Java Hut.

We wanted a place that had food too, because we were both starving. So we went to Bob’s and split the chips & salsa and the hummus & pita. Plus, iced cold press for each of us. (OK nerd alert: We used random.org to pick the place.)

Food! And coffee!

Huge portions! That was more than enough food to feed both of us for dinner. And the coffee was excellent. (Ignore how much cream I have in mine – I got distracted while pouring. Oops.) All that food and coffee for $15!

The coffee shop was really cool. Very old biker bar sort of feel. It’s actually got an interesting background: bikers wanting a coffee shop.

biker bar

There were pictures of motorcycles on the wall, too. I still don’t know the significance of the number 33 there, but we had fun trying to figure it out. They had the whole front wall open as a window because it was the first below-ninety degree we had had in a few weeks. Which was nice for the fresh air, but there was only one ceiling fan and nothing to create a cross-breeze, so it felt warm. Well, warm to me – I don’t do heat well. They also have a big-screen TV (although nothing was on at the time we went), and they compost! Which is awesome. And so easy to do.

All in all, I think it was a great start to our coffee tour. Of course, SP and I can make any coffee shop a great stop just because we can chat for hours. But this one was cool: local, great food, good coffee, interesting/unique/fun atmosphere, very chill and relaxing. Can’t wait for stop #2!

Weekly roundup

8 Jul

Last week, I…

*Had breakfast with a work friend of mine at one of my favorite breakfast places. We’ve been trying to get together for lunch for months now, but something always come up for one of us. So since it was a holiday week and therefore a quieter week, we met for breakfast! What a great way to start the work day. Although with that much coffee, it was hard to concentrate for a while.

*Enjoyed the 4th of July, but the next day, I really wished I had taken the 5th off. There were 4 of us in the office out of 30 or so. Oh well, I got to leave after lunch. And I did get a ton done.

*Had an exchange dance lesson as my teacher was on vacation last week. It was great. Just not as great as a lesson with my regular teacher. But he’s back this week. So bring on the lessons!

*Worked out THREE times! Yay me! I went Tuesday and Saturday, but the gym was closed on the 4th. So that day I went for a bike ride. It was about a mile and a half. Let’s not talk about how it went. Let’s just acknowledge that I haven’t been biking since last fall and I am still out of shape from breaking my foot. But I did run that day too, and that went better. Still not up to where I was pre-break, but I can see progress. (Oh my god, I’m seeing progress! I am actually noting progress. Someone write the date down.)

*Met my parents for breakfast. (See the theme? I LOVE BREAKFAST.) Again, we went to a favorite place of ours that interestingly was where my mom worked in high school when it was a sweet shop. (Yes it was in the ’50s.)

*Magically turned a $50 oil change into a $430 one. Not really, but at the oil change place, they pointed out to me that one of my tires had a bubble in it. Consensus on Facebook was that I needed to deal with it right away because it meant the tire could blow at any moment. So I ended up getting two new tires (thankfully, not four!) that same day. Stupid car expense. When’s the light rail starting?

*Started a list of good coffee shops in Minneapolis and St Paul. Local, non-chain coffee shops. My friend SP and I get together on Saturdays on a pretty regular basis, and we always try to do cheap things. So I want to start a coffee tour with her of these shops! So if you know of any, let me know!

*Realized that I’m not good with free time. I’m so out of the habit of having free time that when I do have free time, I tend to sit and watch TV. And while that’s not a bad thing, it’s not how I want to spend ALL my free time. So I’ve been making a list of things I can do when I have a few free moments, and I’m going to try to force myself to look at it and do something on that list. Although I will still watch TV occasionally; I just need (and want) to limit that. But I am in the middle of yet another awesome BBC show…OK, OK, I’ll pace myself!

Ode to my coffee mug

2 Oct

My beloved coffee mug is dying.

Best coffee mug ever

This has been my coffee mug for years. I love the color of it. I take it to work with me every day, and it keeps my coffee warm for a good 4 hours. The lid is so cool…

…the coffee NEVER spills or leaks out of the top.

Sadly, though, it’s reaching the end of its useful life. See how worn out the Caribou logo is on it? That’s because it’s been washed so many times. The inside is chipped and scratched. The lid doesn’t quite sit down all the way on top (although it still doesn’t leak). And now coffee somehow – I think because of the scratchiness on the inside – ends up between the outer clear liner and the green inner liner.

It’s weird to be so attached to a coffee mug. But this cup has been part of my everyday work life for so many years. And it’s an AWESOME mug. I know I won’t find one that works so well, looks so pretty or fits so well in my hand or my car cup holder.

I’ve known for a while this day is coming; I’ve just been trying to prolong the use of this coffee mug as long as I can. These are the things that are sometimes difficult for me to change. Using a new and different coffee mug will be a hard thing for me. I know in the grand scheme of life it’s not so bad. And I know there are a lot worse problems to have. But I will miss using this coffee mug.

Maybe I’ll use it one more day, so I don’t have to use a new one for the first time on a Monday? Then I can get used to a new mug the rest of the week before facing a Monday with it.

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