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Blogging challenge, days 28-30

1 Sep

August blogging challenge, day 28: A funny memory

It’s from just last week, but it still makes me laugh out loud! Three of us stopped by the studio because one of us had to drop something off. We chatted with the staff for a minute and then started to leave. As we walked up to the lobby, my friend LS (who’s been dancing for 6 or 8 years) asked “Has the wall of the reception desk always been blue?” Um, yes, LS, it has. It struck us so funny that she was JUST noticing the desk after coming to the studio 5 days a week for 6 or 8 years. Maybe you had to be there, but we thought it was hilarious!


Day 29: A celebrity crush from your youth – spill the beans!

I was in late elementary school and early junior high when Duran Duran was at its peak. And I along with a lot of my friends had a crush on the lead singer Simon Le Bon. I still love the music – there are a lot of memories associated with those songs!


Day 30: 10 things that you are grateful for today

*Good friends who help me

*My talent for and ability to dance

*Good job with a great boss and a paycheck that allows me to eat, have a roof over my head, pay my bills, and dance

*My good health, especially when compared to my friend who is going through chemo

*The fact that I have all five senses

*Coffee, books, and crosswords

*My strength and ability to weather challenges

*My ability to look inward and be self-aware

*My friends – I know I already said that, but they mean so much to me!

Blogging challenge, days 23-27

27 Aug

Yes, I know I’m behind again. So here is one giant post to catch up…

August blogging challenge, day 23: Spend $5 (or equivalent) – buy something and share but stay within the budget!

Easy. Often on Fridays, my boss and I have lunch. We alternate who picks but we have some favorites: My Burger, Five Guys, Punch Pizza, and every once in a while we make sure we go somewhere new or somewhere we haven’t been in while just to break it up. Last Friday, we went to Punch Pizza. The one near us has $5 pizzas and $1 toppings. So I got a $5 pizza (the margherita) and added pepperoni for a $1. So technically, it was more than $5 but only because I added the pepperoni. Punch is great – it’s wood-fire pizza, it’s fast, it’s cheap…I personally don’t think it’s best as takeout – it gets cold quickly. But in the restaurant, it’s fantastic!


Day 24: Learn about something you know nothing about and share five facts

Oh boy. Um, let’s see. Oh I know! The islands my friend Ana is from: The Azores. The only thing I knew about them was that she was from there. Here are five fun facts:

*They’re located way further west than I thought. I thought they were just off the coast of Portugal because I knew they were part of Portugal. Nope, they’re over 900 miles west!


*The nine volcanic islands stretch for almost 400 miles.

*During WWII, the ruler leased air and naval bases to the British Empire.

*You can go whale-watching and dolphin-watching there.

*There are many things to do there!


Day 25: Describe a recent dream

I don’t remember my dreams. I can’t remember if that’s supposed to be a good or a bad thing? Anyway, when I do remember them, they often involve dance. And sometimes work. And sometimes both in weird ways. But I can’t remember any specific ones right now. Sorry! (Epic fail on day 25.)


Day 26: Ten things that make you smile

*Cute puppies

*Dancing (when I’m not in the thinky place)

*A friend randomly giving me a card


*My friends

*The Marx Brothers

*My brother doing movie quotes

*Having everything all picked up, put away, and clean

*Doing nice things for my friends

*T-Rex short arm jokes!


Day 27: Five interview questions for a historical figure

For Henry VIII:

*Was it really about getting a son or did you just want Anne Boleyn that much?

*In hindsight, what would you do differently with your marriages?

*Why did you execute Thomas Cromwell?

*Why did you not trust France or Spain?

*Did you really believe the accusations against Anne Boleyn?

Blogging challenge, day 22

22 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 22: Online shopping! A list of links to your favorite online stores

Oh this is easy. Mainly because I don’t shop much.

Barnes and Noble – for books

anna karenina

and Amazon – for miscellaneous stuff

 rose oil

spray tan

Showtime Dance Shoes – where I get my dance shoes

dance shoes

Bumble and bumble – for all my hair products

b&b shampoo

Told ya I didn’t shop much!

Blogging challenge, day 21

22 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 21: Twenty-one: photos, memories or stories from this year of your life (if you’re not yet 21, choose another age)

I turned 21 during my sophomore year of college. It was during the fall, which was a crazy time because I was in the marching band. My birthday weekend, we had a football game as well as performing the halftime show at the Vikings game the next day. That Sunday was my birthday, so a few of us went to the bar after the Vikings game. I think we just had a drink or two and then went home because we were all so exhausted from the games.

Not your typical 21st birthday. But that’s OK. I made up for it throughout the rest of the year.

Blogging challenge, day 20

20 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 20: Three smells that bring back memories

Hmm, this is difficult. I don’t really remember that “oh this smell always makes me think of this”, but I know there are smells that trigger memories for me. Let’s see…

1. I don’t know the name of it (and I totally should), but there’s a sandalwood cologne that Mr Big used to wear. Smelling that takes me back to being with him.

2. The smell of fresh-cut grass takes me back to being a kid again. Same thing with chlorine.

3. Spray tan odor always makes me think of Showcase and dance performances.

4. (Bonus one since none of these are spectacular.) The smell of Hill’s prescription diet z/d dry food makes me think of my dog.

Blogging challenge, day 19

19 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 19: The Bucket List – three things that you are yet to achieve

This is harder than yesterday‘s. Off the top of my head…

1. Travel to Europe. I’ve never been outside the country except for one trip to Mexico for a week. But I want to drink coffee on the Champs-Elysees, I want to wander the Scottish highlands, I want to see the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, I want to pray in St Peter’s Square, I want to see where my Irish ancestors left from…

2. Watch AFI’s 100 Funniest Movies. So many classics, many that I haven’t seen. And I love movies especially old Hollywood. It’d be great to have seen all of these.

3. Go to another ballroom dance competition. The last one (the only one?) was so fantastic but anxiety-provoking too. I want to go to another one to prove to myself that I can go and just enjoy every single second and not let the emotions win.

Blogging challenge, day 18

18 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 18: The Bucket List – three things that you’ve achieved

Easy, I think…

1. Got married. While it didn’t last forever and it’s no longer a bucket list item for me (meaning I’m fine getting married again and I’m fine not getting married again), at one point it was a big goal. Because that’s what grown-ups do…get married, buy a house, have 2-3 kids, retire…right? At least society says so. I know realize that I don’t have to do what society expects. I can choose to, but it’s OK if I choose to do something else. So I’m not married, renting an apartment, and will retire at some point but probably not at 65. And I’m happy with that.

2. Learned to dance. I’ve written about that again and again. We all know how it’s changed my life.

3. Went to a dance competition. Read about it here and here.

Blogging challenge, day 17

17 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 17: Time Travel – where would you go and why?

So many choices! I think all of which for me relate to being to actually meet historical figures or see history being made. So my top choices would be:

*Henry VIII’s court during his marriage to Katherine of Aragon and the start of his romance with Anne Boleyn – assuming I have a guarantee that I wouldn’t be tortured or beheaded.

*Scottish highlands in the mid-1700s. Have you read “Outlander” yet? Read it and you’ll know why.

*The Globe Theater in Shakespeare’s era – what did the audience (who was made up of mostly common folk) think of his plays?

*Boston in the 1760s – imagine seeing the start of the revolution. And seeing what an uphill battle it really was. And meeting John Adams.

*Vienna in the early 1800s – to meet Beethoven. Such emotion conveyed through music!

*Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s – to meet Cary Grant, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Henry Fonda, Katharine Hepburn, Laurence Olivier, Vivian Leigh, Groucho Marx, Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Spencer Tracy, Billy Wilder, Kirk Douglas, Frank Capra, Janet Leigh, Eva Marie Saint, and so so many others.


Blogging challenge, day 16

17 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 16: A first – do something that you’ve never done before and share

When my parents downsized, my siblings and I went through some stuff they were going throw if we didn’t want it. I found two chairs that I had as a kid. I have vague memories of sitting in them and reading as a little kid. So I grabbed them with the intent of refinishing them. I stored them in the basement and promptly forgot about them.

This week, I was moving everything from the basement up to the apartment in preparation of moving. And I found the chairs. So I decided to refinish them before I moved. And I’ve never refinished furniture before, but how hard could it be?

I went to my local hardware store. They never make you feel stupid for asking dumb questions. They set me up with the right paint and gave me some tips on doing it. I went home and went to work.


Of course, I forgot to take a before picture until one chair was all sanded.

I sat outside and sanded and sanded and sanded. An hour and a half later with two different grits, they were sanded down. Then I went inside and painted them with two coats. And I’m really happy with them!



Now to decide who to give them to…

Blogging challenge, day 15

16 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 15: Around Town – share pics of where you live

I love my neighborhood. LOVE my ‘hood. It’s in St Paul, which has an urban/small-town mixture to it. It’s very urban, but at a slower pace than Minneapolis. The best neighborhood in my opinion:


Love this part of town. OK, it’s not a great photo, but you try taking a picture of the street signs at a very busy corner at 6pm. Especially when the best shot is from the middle of the intersection.

But this neighborhood is where my home away from home is…


as well as one of my favorite restaurants…


It’s also a beautiful neighborhood:

Love the architecture in the neighborhood

Love the architecture in the neighborhood

Such a cute house - although waaaaay too big for me.

Such a cute house – although waaaaay too big for me.

Love the red accents that match the flowers

Love the red accents that match the flowers



Another pretty

Another pretty

And they say there's no green space in the city. What??

And they say there’s no green space in the city. What??


This neighborhood is such a great fit for me. I just love being a part of it.

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