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Days #25-30

29 Oct

Day 25: Song that makes you laugh. Easy. “Tennessee Waltz” made popular by

Patti Page

This song makes me laugh because it’s an absolutely beautiful waltz. But the lyrics are terrible. It’s all about I was dancing with my guy, I saw an old friend, I introduced them, and then they ended up together. I laugh when I hear it because once at a group class at the studio, my friend LS went on a bit of tirade about how terrible it is and who wants to listen to it? But she did it in a funny way and we all laughed. So now I think of that every time I hear it.

Day 26: Song you can play on an instrument. I used to play piano, and I can still play (although not from memory) the “Linus and Lucy” theme.

Day 27: Song that you wish you could play. Anything by


especially “Moonlight Sonata“. Beautiful piece.

Day 28: Song that makes you feel guilty. No idea. Can’t think of anything for this.

Day 29: Song from your childhood. My brother used to play “Short People” by

Randy Newman

Since I have always been shorter than he, he used to play this just try and bug me. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll see why.

Day 30: Your favorite song this time of year. Since it’s close to Thanksgiving, I’m going to say it’s close to the Christmas season, and therefore I’m picking one from that. One of my favorites is “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by

Mariah Carey

I’m actually not a huge Mariah Carey fan (please, pick one note and stick with it), but I do like this song. Partially because it was used in “Love, Actually” and that is one of my favorite movies.

Thirty day challenge done! YAY!

Day #24: Song you want played at your funeral

23 Oct

A cheery topic, no?

I have two for this. One is “Go“. I can’t remember who wrote it, but it’s based on the gospel according to Matthew. “Go ye therefore and teach all nations.” It’s a beautiful hymn.

The other one is “The Servant Song“. I can’t remember who wrote this one either, but it is so beautiful. “Will you let me be your servant? Will you let me be as Christ to you? Pray that I may have the grace to let you be my servant too.” This song actually makes me tear up every time I hear. Such a great message about letting others help you and helping others. Beautiful song.



Day #23: Song you want played at your wedding

22 Oct

When I got married to TD, our first dance was to “It Had To Be You” by

Harry Connick Jr

It was a great first dance song. “With all your faults, I love you still.” I think that’s great – you’re not perfect but I love you anyway. Great sentiment.

If I get married again, it will most likely be a small wedding. But for a wedding song, I’d love to have “Save the Last Dance for Me” by

Michael Buble

I like this song and this version for a few reasons. One, it’s got a great beat and fun musical style. Two, someone told me the story behind the lyrics. No idea if it’s true or not, but it’s a great story. Apparently the guy who wrote it had polio and was confined to a wheelchair. When he got married, he wrote this song for his wife basically telling her go dance with whoever you want and have fun, just come back to me at the end of the night. Isn’t that great? The lyrics are so sweet – go flirt, go have fun, go do whatever you need to do…just remember in the end you’re with me. Awesome.

Day #22: Song you listen to when sad

22 Oct

So who doesn’t listen to the blues when sad? For me, one of the best is “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” by

John Lee Hooker

It’s just a great blues song. Plus when I’m super sad, that’s kinda what I want to drink too.

Day #20 and day #21

22 Oct

Day #20 is song that you listen to when angry. Day #21 is song that you listen to when happy.

For both of these, see day #1 among other days.

Day #19: Song from your favorite album.

18 Oct

See day #1.

Day #18: Song you wish you heard on the radio

17 Oct

I have three for this post. (Too bad if the rules say one song per day.)

I love the Rat Pack, and I love that type of music. One of my favorites is “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” by

Dean Martin

It’s a catchy tune with a great beat. It’s fun to dance to. It’s great music to get your energy up. Definitely one I wish I heard on the radio more.

The other ones are by


(Does anyone else, in spelling Beethoven, think of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Beeth-oven. Still cracks me up.)

In particular, I would love to hear his 5th symphony and his 9th symphony in their entireties a lot more often on the radio. Beethoven is my favorite classical composer because he has so much raw emotion in his music. Bach and Mozart are great but to me, they’re a bit clinical. You can really feel Beethoven’s pain and joy in his music. I like the 5th symphony because it describes fate knocking at the door, and the 9th is man’s triumph over fate. So powerful! I know MPR plays the 9th at the end of their pledge drives, but I wish they did it more often, and I wish they played the 5th in its entirety more often too.

Day #17: Song you hear often on the radio

16 Oct

The Current, which is a radio station I love, has been playing “Pumped Up Kicks” by

Foster the People

a lot lately. Like A LOT. While I like the song, I am getting a bit sick of it because they’re playing it so much. But listen to the song. It’s got such a pop-music beat, which goes against the lyrics. So listen to the song and listen carefully to the lyrics.

Day #16: Song you used to love but now hate

15 Oct

Well, again, hate is a very strong word. However, I used to love the song “I’m Still a Guy” by Brad Paisley because it reminded me of Mr Big. When Mr Big and I decided to stop seeing each other, I couldn’t stand to listen to this song because it made me think about him and miss him so much. Now when I hear it, it just reminds me of what we had and that it’s too bad we couldn’t make it work. (For details on the song, see the post for day #5.)

Day #15: Song that describes you

14 Oct

This one totally stumped me. I can’t think of one song that describes me. I would say that all of these posts in the 30-day song challenge describe different parts of me. So I’m not going to pick one song (mainly because I can’t). I’m just going to go with “See all the 30 day posts”.

Although I would be curious to know what others would pick as a song that describes me…

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