Change and attitude

22 Mar

The Arthur Murray in Santa Monica keeps a very interesting blog. I love reading their articles – always very thought-provoking. The one on the 7th was fascinating to me. In it, David talks about “A genuine smile creates a magical environment. A smile comforts others and opens up the doors of trust, communication, and connection.” He talks about “leaving the negative behind and carrying light so others may see.”

I need to remember this. You see, there’s a lot of change coming into my life in the next six months in many different aspects. And some of it, I don’t yet know what it will look like on the other side. And I can handle change, but that much of it (with so many unknown outcomes) can be a bit much for me. It’s easy for me to get overwhelmed, which looks on the outside as grumpy. So I need to remember to smile and know that the smile will help others and will come back to me and help me.

Basically, I need to keep a positive attitude, trust that all will land in a place that will be great for me, rely on my friends, and smile.


(Oh! And guess what? Jason Bateman won the play-in round. And then he beat the number one seed!!)


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