If not music, then podcasts

26 Oct

So I told you about how I listen to music. And it’s all great, especially at work or cranked up at home. But in the car, I usually listen to podcasts.

Listening to podcasts keeps my mind focused. Sounds weird, right? You’d think that listening to words would mean I’m not focused on driving. But for some reason, it keeps my mind from wandering all over the place, so I actually am more focused on driving. Very similar to how knitting keeps me focused too. I don’t get it either; I just go with it.

So every week, I download and listen to…

Good Job, Brain!“. As they describe it, it’s a weekly “quiz show and off-beat trivia” podcast. I think it started with the four people who are on a pub trivia team, who used Kickstarter to get the podcast going. It’s really interesting, full of trivia (duh), and quizzes! Every fifth episode is an all-quiz bonanza.

“Here’s the Thing” with Alec Baldwin. Just Alec interviewing someone, usually a celebrity, but sometimes people that are just interesting too. It’s more in-depth than some interviews, and it’s not just “how did you start acting”.

NPR Sunday Puzzle“. I love puzzles. Will Shortz does a weekly bit on NPR Sunday Morning, and it’s fun to try and guess the answers.

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me“. The most popular NPR show after Car Talk. Very funny, very entertaining, very interesting. My hope is to go to Chicago some Thursday and watch a show live.

Ask Me Another“. Another NPR trivia/quiz type show but this one uses audience members.

Radiolab“. Science-y and nerdy.

This American Life“. I sometimes wait to listen to these episodes because they can be deep and thought-provoking and occasionally sad. But a very good show.

Wits“. Kind of a “Prairie Home Companion” wanna-be but a little edgier. Sometimes the humor is a little forced, but I think it’s still trying to hit its stride. It’s got great guests and can be very funny.

I also used to download “The Classic Tales” podcast, but it’s now an app for the iPhone, so no need to download each week! This is an amazing voice actor reading great stories and books. Very cool.

Can you tell I’m a member of public radio? I do think NPR has some great programs, but I do have a few non-NPR podcasts. And all these podcasts get my through my commutes and time in the car.

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