It’s fall TV time

1 Oct

It’s fall! Well, according to the calendar anyway. Weather-wise, it’s 80 degrees. But fall means the return of fall TV! Except I try not to be glued to the TV all the time. Because that’s my tendency, so I fight it. Often and hard. (TWSS, right KB?)


I use Netflix and Hulu to stay on top of shows. I don’t actually have a lot of shows that I must watch, but there are a few…


I do love Project Runway. I like that it’s stayed basically the same over the years and not gotten too full of itself. I used to watch it religiously, then I stopped when I started dancing because I wasn’t home on Thursday nights. Then my old roommate started watching it on Netflix, I got sucked in again, and now I try to watch it at least somewhat close to the time it aired. (Clearly spoilers don’t bother me.)


Oh, Psych. Possibly my most favorite show ever. How sad I will be when this season is over. OK, it’s not really fall TV as it hasn’t started yet. But still.


My guilty pleasure. The show has gotten so bad, but I can’t stop watching. Actually I think this season is slightly better than the previous ones. But Tyra Banks has gotten way too full of herself. And yet I watch!


Another show discovered by my old roommate on Netflix. Season 4 just came out on Hulu (YAY!), so I’m trying to catch up on it before season 5 starts. It’s a really good and funny crime show, similar to Psych. And also similar with the cute leading man. I still prefer James Roday though.


I didn’t start watching this show until I started dancing. Now I try to watch it each week, although again I’m rarely home to see it live. But the dancing has gotten better in recent seasons, and I really enjoy watching the pros. And I could listen to Tristan all day long!


I behind on this show as I missed most of last season. But it’s such a funny show! It literally makes me laugh out loud. Sheldon is hilarious. Bazinga.


This show just started last season on A&E. I caught an episode while I was dogsitting and was hooked. I’ve always loved “Psycho”, and this is a very interesting prequel. Much more complex than I was envisioning. I caught up with it on Netflix (although they don’t stream it), so I’m ready for the new season.


I started watching this upon the recommendation of my friend ND. And he was right – so well written, so interesting. The story sucks you in immediately, and Kevin Spacey is just outstanding in this.

OK, I know that what 8? shows doesn’t exactly fit with “I don’t have a lot of shows that I must watch”. But I watch them all when I have time, not when the TV schedule dictates. I don’t worry if I miss an episode or get behind in viewing. I let life take priority. And I know a lot of people who watch a lot more TV than I do.

That being said…I do love these shows!

2 Responses to “It’s fall TV time”

  1. B October 1, 2013 at 9:47 am #

    I LOVED Bates Motel. So interesting and creepy. I’m glad there’s someone else out there who watches it!

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