Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

29 Sep

When I went to log in to my blog site just now, first the bookmark wouldn’t work. Then it made me reenter my ID and password. Yes, WordPress, I get it…it’s been a while since I’ve been here.

Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s been a rough patch. And I was frustrated by having another emotional rough patch. But my therapist reframed all that in a very helpful way. I will never be the person who doesn’t have these issues; it’s part of my genetic makeup. (That wasn’t the helpful part.) But if I look at it as a chronic condition, these episodes are just flare-ups. And I can learn to cope and mitigate a flare-up. (That was the helpful part.) So it gives me permission to not try to “cure” myself, which leads to extreme disappointment and frustration when the next episode pops up. Instead, I can simply realize that it’s just a flare-up and deal accordingly.

But I’ve missed writing!! So I’m glad to be motivated to do it again. I’ve been generating a list of ideas for posts that are not (for once) about my trials and tribulations. I KNOW, RIGHT? I appreciate you all letting me go there when I need to. Lately I think I’ve been stuck there, so I’m going to not go there as often.

I totally just jinxed myself, didn’t I? Sorry, fate, I didn’t mean it!

On the plus side…

I finished a baby blanket and hat for a friend of  mine who had a baby last week. Once again, I cut it close to the due date, but they got the gift before the baby was born!

The colors aren’t right in the photo but you get the idea.

Oh, and I checked out of my level for dance! Bronze III is done. Woo hoo! Time for Bronze IV – bring it!

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