Blogging challenge, days 23-27

27 Aug

Yes, I know I’m behind again. So here is one giant post to catch up…

August blogging challenge, day 23: Spend $5 (or equivalent) – buy something and share but stay within the budget!

Easy. Often on Fridays, my boss and I have lunch. We alternate who picks but we have some favorites: My Burger, Five Guys, Punch Pizza, and every once in a while we make sure we go somewhere new or somewhere we haven’t been in while just to break it up. Last Friday, we went to Punch Pizza. The one near us has $5 pizzas and $1 toppings. So I got a $5 pizza (the margherita) and added pepperoni for a $1. So technically, it was more than $5 but only because I added the pepperoni. Punch is great – it’s wood-fire pizza, it’s fast, it’s cheap…I personally don’t think it’s best as takeout – it gets cold quickly. But in the restaurant, it’s fantastic!


Day 24: Learn about something you know nothing about and share five facts

Oh boy. Um, let’s see. Oh I know! The islands my friend Ana is from: The Azores. The only thing I knew about them was that she was from there. Here are five fun facts:

*They’re located way further west than I thought. I thought they were just off the coast of Portugal because I knew they were part of Portugal. Nope, they’re over 900 miles west!


*The nine volcanic islands stretch for almost 400 miles.

*During WWII, the ruler leased air and naval bases to the British Empire.

*You can go whale-watching and dolphin-watching there.

*There are many things to do there!


Day 25: Describe a recent dream

I don’t remember my dreams. I can’t remember if that’s supposed to be a good or a bad thing? Anyway, when I do remember them, they often involve dance. And sometimes work. And sometimes both in weird ways. But I can’t remember any specific ones right now. Sorry! (Epic fail on day 25.)


Day 26: Ten things that make you smile

*Cute puppies

*Dancing (when I’m not in the thinky place)

*A friend randomly giving me a card


*My friends

*The Marx Brothers

*My brother doing movie quotes

*Having everything all picked up, put away, and clean

*Doing nice things for my friends

*T-Rex short arm jokes!


Day 27: Five interview questions for a historical figure

For Henry VIII:

*Was it really about getting a son or did you just want Anne Boleyn that much?

*In hindsight, what would you do differently with your marriages?

*Why did you execute Thomas Cromwell?

*Why did you not trust France or Spain?

*Did you really believe the accusations against Anne Boleyn?

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