Blogging challenge, day 14

14 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 14: Pictures speak a thousand words – share some cherished photos old & new

Well, crap. I just packed all my pictures a few days ago because I’m moving in a week. Not to mention that I’m not a great picture-taker. And I don’t take many photos. So I don’t actually have a lot to share.


My and my dog, Charlie. I had to put him down two years ago – look at that grey face! I mean, the grey face is not why I put him down, but it shows how old he was. He was my precious puppy; he was my wondermutt.


dinosaur moves

T-rex short-arm jokes make me laugh. Out loud. Every time.


Yep, every time. Even posting these photos, I’m laughing.



I wish I had more and better pictures of me dancing. But I don’t. So here’s this one.



I love this one of me as a kid with my friend JF. (I’m on the left.) It just reminds me of how long we’ve been friends. And how much I value friendships that go back.



This is a bunch of my friends from the studio hanging out one night. These women mean the world to me.

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