Blogging challenge, day 12

12 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 12: A ghost story – yours or someone else’s

I don’t really have any ghost stories. The best story I have is about touring this historic house in my ex-husband’s hometown. He worked there in high school as a tour guide…long before I met him. But he still knew a lot of people working there, so one day when we were in town visiting his mom, we did a tour. If I remember right, there was a lot of tragedy in that family that lived there, including one girl dying in a fire when she was eight or twelve. The fire started with the Victorian version of a curling iron and a kerosene lamp. I remember walking through the house. When we got to the room she died in, I just felt something. I can’t even describe it. I just knew I had to leave immediately. There was a sadness or a blackness or a negative energy. I could not stay in the room. I got so agitated by the energy in the room and so bothered, I had to leave.

So while some people don’t believe in ghosts, I for sure believe in energy and dead people leaving behind an energy sometimes. Not all the time. I lived in a house where someone had committed suicide, and I never was uncomfortable there. For some reason, though, it was extremely uncomfortable in the Villa Louis – at least in that one room.

But it is an interesting historic site, so go visit it.

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