Blogging challenge, day 4

6 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 4: An embarrassing moment

These are always hard for me. I have an excellent talent for blocking out bad moments and bad memories. Hmm.

I mean seriously, I’ve been sitting here for about 10 minutes, and I can’t think of any. I know I have embarrassing moments. I’m just THAT GOOD at blocking them out.

Well, here’s one. It was at a piano recital when I was about 4. We had to memorize our music and perform it in front of about what seemed like 50 people. I can’t tell you how many were actually there. I just remember it seemed like a roomful of people.

My piece was “Dance of the Sugar Cookies”. Yes, sugar cookies. I remember there were about 8 pieces which all told the story of how the cookies in the cookie jar came alive at night. Don’t ask, it was the ’70s. So I had the sugar cookie dance. (I wonder if it was a rip-off or a parody of the Nutcracker Suite? Huh, never thought about that til now.) Anyway, I start my piece, which I knew no problem. But a little ways in, I forgot the next part. And I’m frozen. I could not recall what came next! All I could remember was the last two measures. So I played those, started crying, and left the stage.

It was so embarrassing. And SO TRAUMATIC.

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