Blogging challenge, day 3

5 Aug

August blogging challenge, day 3: A treasured memory

Two immediately come to mind. One, sitting outside on a beautiful spring day with Mr Big while drinking coffee and just talking for hours. And laughing. Lots of laughing.

The second one that comes to mind is dancing, of course. I don’t remember which Showcase it was (I think it was early on), but I had one Showcase where it felt like NOTHING could have been done better. And I remember being so happy. So full of joy. Have you read the book “Flow“? It’s an amazing book. But dancing for me is a flow moment. I lose all sense of time and am truly deeply happy. And that particular Showcase was about as perfect as it could have been for me. I remember my teacher was so pleased and happy for me and proud of me too, because he felt it too. It was just such a special day.

Oh dance. What memories and special moments you’ve given me as well as such great friends and people in my life.

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