Blogging challenge, day 1

3 Aug

One of the blogs I follow, the Tudor Tutor, started doing the August blogging challenge. It sounded really interesting and a good way to get back into writing on a regular basis. So I’m doing it too. Of course, it’s taken me three days to start. So today, on the 3rd, I’ll do day one of the challenge. Not confusing at all, right?

Day one: The story of your life in 250 words.

I grew up in an affluent suburb, although my family was not rich at all. I went to the local large public university, graduated with a degree in business. I started to work at the same local large public university my senior year and have made a career out of it. I used the tuition benefit to get a masters degree in public affairs. Why not, right? I got married, we got a dog, ten years later we got a divorce. I bought a house in one of the two main cities and moved. I loved it! A few years later, I moved in my parents to help them and to save some money. Then I sold my house. Then I rented an apartment with a friend of mine. She moved up north, and I’ll be moving in about 4 weeks in with some friends. I’m working on some financial goals, so living with friends will help me save money. So next summer, I’ll have met those goals and will move out on my own again!

I have three siblings and ten nieces and nephews. I’m super close to my brother, who’s one of my best friends. My main hobby and my passion is ballroom dance. I started dancing almost four years ago. And I hope I never stop.

I try to be a good person, a great friend, and a useful person. I try to make a small difference for the people in my life. And my friends are amazing people, and I treasure them.

(256 words…close enough!)

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