Sometimes it’s easier not to try

30 Jun

So you know I ran a few weeks ago. That was my start into getting back into running.

I haven’t run since.

The last few weeks have been busy. My roommate moved out because her fiance got a job up north about 3 hours away. She moved out yesterday, but the last few weeks I’ve been wanting to spend as much time with her before she left as possible. So I’ve been skipping the gym.

But I think that was my excuse. I think I’m afraid to run. I’m afraid to try to run and not be able to. Or not make the progress I think I should be making. So it’s easier to not try. I miss it though. I miss working out. I think now that SR is gone, I can focus again on getting back into it.

I’ve been dancing though. And that’s going well. My teacher says at this point, he really can’t tell much of a difference. I can feel it in my foot the day after I’ve danced, but it’s not in pain. Just the feeling after muscles being worked. So that should tell me that running will be fine, because I think dancing is much more stressful on my foot than running. So really, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be running.

Except my own fear.

So Tuesday is my scheduled gym day. I’ll go, and I’ll run!

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