I ran

18 Jun

I ran so far away…welcome to your new earworm. Anyway, this week is the week I can start to “ease back into” running and dancing. So yesterday, I went to the gym, and I ran.

I was so nervous. What if there was pain? How much had my running regressed? If this didn’t go well, what would dancing be like?

So much anxiety over a treadmill. I didn’t really know how to “ease back into” running. The consensus on Facebook was to do a couch-to-5K program again but skip days as I got closer to 100%. So I was planning to do week one, day one: walk 5 minutes, alternate jog 1 minute and walk 1.5 minutes for 20 minutes, then walk 5 minutes. I got on the treadmill and walk 5 minutes. Then came time for the jogging interval. I set it at the speed I was doing before I broke my foot (don’t worry, that was a slow speed) and took a few running steps.

And there was no pain! Oh I was so relieved. So I kept doing it. I did the whole 30 minutes.

And realized I am out of shape. It’s amazing how quickly in 8 weeks you can go downhill. My heart rate at the end of the 30 minutes was higher than it was at the end of 2.5 miles right before I broke my foot.

OK, I’m not quite back to this shape.

Gross. But I figure it’ll come back quickly, and I’ll be running the full 2.5 miles in no time. And by no time, I mean like 6 weeks. Which is a total guess – I really have no idea how long it’ll take.

My foot today feels OK. It doesn’t hurt per se and it’s not sore, but I can feel that muscles were used that haven’t been used in a while. The doctor said that discomfort was OK but pain was not. So I think I’m OK.

I’m just so glad to get back and MOVE again. I missed it.

And tomorrow…I get to DANCE again!

3 Responses to “I ran”

  1. Marsha June 18, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

    Yeah! She’s baaaaaaaack!


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    […] you know I ran a few weeks ago. That was my start into getting back into […]

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