Daily prompt: Prized possession

7 Apr

Daily prompt from April 2: Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

I don’t remember having a lot of “prized possessions” as a child. I had the usual books and toys and stuff. I still have some of those books: my Little House books, my Betsy-Tacy books, my All-of-a-Kind Family books. I still have my Fisher-Price circus train.

This isn’t mine; mine’s in a box in the basement.

But my most treasured possession from my childhood is my teddy bear. I was in the hospital for a surgery over my third birthday. I still remember a friend of my mom’s coming to see me and bringing me this teddy bear as a gift. I called him Teddy (original, right?) and I slept with it every night as a kid. And when I stopped sleeping with it, I made sure it didn’t get thrown out.

He went to college with me, sitting on a shelf in the dorms. While I was married, he sat on a bookshelf in the kitchen. During that time, I found a cute little wooden rocker that is designed for dolls, I think. But it was the perfect size for him, so I got it. He’s been sitting in the rocker ever since. When I moved home to help my parents, he sat in the rocker in my room. Now in this apartment, he sits in the rocker on my nightstand.

He was a great source of security for me as a kid. And as a result, he means a great deal to me. So much, that I panicked this week for a split second. We’re dogsitting for a friend. Tony is a two-year-old lab mix. That equals great energy. One night this week, he was wandering around. He went in my room and took Teddy off the rocker and started carrying him around. I’m sure Tony just thought he was a stuffed dog toy. Luckily Tony dropped him as soon as I told him too. But I had visions of Teddy being chewed up. Teddy’s been through quite a few surgeries already in his life to fix holes. I didn’t want to have to do more. And for a brief moment, I was terrified that Teddy would be destroyed. And that would be devastating.


But he’s fine, he’s sitting in his rocker in my room, and I know I’ll have him for the rest of my life.

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