I’m out of the pool

4 Mar

A while ago, I talked about jumping back into the dating pool. At least more proactively. I went back to online dating, just to see if I could find someone there worth meeting in person.

Short answer? No.

I think it’s me. I need that spark to date someone. And it’s hard to find that spark in an email. Very difficult. Plus I’m terrible at first dates.

But, having said that…guys online do not do themselves any favors. I mentioned this before, and apparently nothing has changed.

One guy opened a conversation with me this way: “Hey sexy princess, what’s happening?” Um, not the way to capture my attention.

“What’s up?” was another opener as was “Hi”. Dude, you have to give me something to respond to. Prove to me you’re a good conversationalist.

One guy was really good at asking questions, and we had a good conversation going. Nothing spectacular, nothing that made me want to meet him in person. But a good conversation especially compared to some of the other ones. But we never got to the point of actually meeting. It just kinda tapered out.

A lot of guys use far too many text shortcuts and emoticons. (Really? You’re in your 30s and you use “ROFL” in an email? Really??)

Most guys want kids, and I know I’m not doing that. I”m open to dating someone who already has them, but I’m not having them. And apparently many guys do not read a girl’s profile all the way through, because I know I was clear in my profile.

So I decided to stop the online thing. Out of courtesy, I messaged each of the guys I had a conversation going with and told them. To save anyone’s feelings, I told each of them that I was dating someone and therefore canceling my profile. One guy wrote me a very angry message back saying that I shouldn’t have wasted his time and I shouldn’t have let him know I was canceling my profile. Dodged a bullet there, huh?

So I’m back to enjoying the single life and leaving it up to fate and the universe. My path will cross someone’s if it’s meant to. Meanwhile, I’ll keep myself open to the possibility of it.

And if you want to follow some really great stories about online dating, check out my friend KG’s blog. They have great stories!

2 Responses to “I’m out of the pool”

  1. frankiedman March 4, 2013 at 9:00 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic. I totally agree!! We might be considered old fashioned but I believe in good ol fate and the works of the universe just like you!! May your path be filled with nothing but positive vibes!!!


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