What I learned from a 4-year-old

1 Mar

Yesterday I babysat for my friend. She had forgotten to arrange for a sitter, and I love hanging out with her kids. So I said sure, I’d help.

They have 3 kids: a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 1-year-old (or so). All of them are great, relatively independent kids. But over the course of the evening, here’s what I learned from the 4-year-old:

*The new siding on the house will be blue, even though she wants pink. Daddy wins that decision. (As Daddy – with help from Mommy – should.)

*The eye (button) fell off one of the stick horses with the stuffed heads. She’s not sure if her mommy can fix it because they need to buy siding. (I bet Mommy will fix it. Heck, I’d even spring for the cost of a new button.)

*Mommy does not use two pieces of the paper towel for the sandwiches, so I don’t need to. (The “pieces” are the pick-a-size paper towels, and apparently I was being wasteful.)

*Grandma and grandpa live super far away like 70 miles. (They live in Illinois, I believe. Who knew that was 70 miles away?)

*Tea parties are delightful. (Why, yes, they are!)

*One time she made her sister cry and so she apologized, but her sister kept crying anyway. (I think the point was why apologize.)

*The baby can go wherever she wants in the house. (No need to leave the movie-viewing area to get check on the baby.)

*I’m good at getting the markers to work. (I should add that to my resume.)

*She doesn’t like how short her mom cut her hair, but it’s ok – she uses barrettes to clip the bangs back. (Learning at an early age how to deal with bad hair days. That is totally a life skill she will need, and I’m not kidding.)

*After one more night sleeping at home, she and her sisters are getting up early and going to their parents’ friends for two nights of sleeping. (Who doesn’t like mini-vacations?)

*Sometimes Daddy wakes up in the morning with them, but usually he goes back to bed. (Daddy is apparently not a morning person.)

*I can go back and play with them anytime, especially since we didn’t get to play dress up because Daddy came home. (Dress up was supposed to be the activity after the tea party. We ran out of time.)

*They’re getting a piano if it fits in their house – they just need to measure first. (Good idea to measure before getting a piano.)

*I know what I would have looked like on Ash Wednesday – she drew me a picture. Cross on the forehead and everything. (And I totally forgot to take the picture with me! After promising her to hang in on my refrigerator forever. Sigh.)

My nieces and nephews are all much older than that now. So it was fun to just go play with little kids and talk to them. I really needed a drink after the day at work I had, but hanging out with toddlers is just as good. I mean, it’s really hard to think about work when you’re at a tea party, right?

To my friend: I’ll babysit when you need me to! Your kids are so well-behaved and so good. And very funny.

4 Responses to “What I learned from a 4-year-old”

  1. Robyn C. March 5, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    Hilarious! Yes – I think we can all learn stuff from the under-5 set!


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