Luck and blessings

27 Jan

My dance teacher was on vacation this week. So I had a lesson with him Monday before he left, and then my next lesson is this coming Wednesday. That’s over a week between lessons. Which is longer than I try to go between lessons; I try to never have more than one week between lessons.

And it’s not as traumatic for me to have him gone as it is for some others. I still go to group classes and parties when he’s gone; some students don’t go to the studio at all when their teacher is gone. So I miss my lessons, but at least I’m still dancing.

Anyway, this week I realize something. I really take dance for granted sometimes. Well, take for granted really isn’t the right phrase. Dancing is a big part of my life, and it’s something I schedule around. But this week, I really stopped to think about how lucky I am to be able physically and financially to do this. How lucky I am to have such a great teacher. How lucky I am to have talent and ability in this. How lucky I am to have found my passion.


Just how truly blessed I am.

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