Leftover yarn project

30 Dec

Last weekend, I was out of knitting projects. I had finished all the ones I made as Christmas presents – I’ll show you those soon. But I had nothing to knit. And I have found that I really need to be knitting when I’m watching TV or sitting around – otherwise I get antsy and my hands have nervous energy.

So I started digging around my yarn stash, which doesn’t have a lot of great yarn. I have a little bit of a bunch of nice yarn, and whole skeins of some rather crappy yarn that I’m not even sure where I got it. But I had a little bit of two nice yarns that went well together and were the right weight, so I started a scarf. I”ll show you this when it’s done.

Turns out, I didn’t have enough yarn. I ordered more, but UPS hasn’t delivered it yet. According to the tracking, it’s in Minneapolis. I’ve been praying to the yarn gods that it gets delivered tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am once again without a knitting project. So I dug out one of the not so nice yarns (it’s acrylic, people – acrylic) and started knitting fingerless gloves. I finished one today; I just need to block it. I’ll do the other one tomorrow and Tuesday.

And then probably give them to Goodwill, because I don’t think they’re great. It’s all in the yarn, I’ve learned.


Yes, the picture’s upside-down. Such is life. Deal with it – I did.

Feel free to pray to the yarn gods for me too. I really love the scarf I’m making, so I hope hope hope the yarn is delivered tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Leftover yarn project”

  1. Julie Edman December 31, 2012 at 9:39 am #

    I am the same way, can’t watch tv without something to do. That’s the good thing about living with cold winters; someone can always use a hat or scarf or mittens…:-)

    I hope your yarn shows up today. Happy Knitting!


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