It’s Saturday night

29 Dec

…and I ain’t got nobody.

Oh Sam Cooke. Good tunes.

Anyway, having someone or not having someone isn’t my point. Because being single is fine.

Tonight, I’m just tired. And glad I don’t have to give energy to anyone else, which sounds totally selfish. Because it is. But this weekend (I don’t go back to work until Thursday – yay!) is about me. Me doing things that give me energy and relax me. Not me sitting on the couch doing nothing. I mean, some couch time and TV time is fine. Especially if I”m knitting during it. (Please oh please oh please, yarn gods, let my yarn shipment be delivered on Monday!)

But taking care of things…like blocking my new cowl (more on that later), baking, watching football with friends, going to the gym, maybe going to a movie with a friend, cleaning out my files (which I do at the end of every year), finding other craft projects, reading.

Things to make me feel better, more energized, happier, and ready to start the new year!

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