You haven’t missed much

18 Dec

I haven’t written in a while. I know. What can I say? I think I had the craziest week of my life last week. Feel sorry for me a bit; here was my work schedule last week:

Monday, meetings 10-12 and 2-3
Tuesday, meetings 9-12 and 1-4
Wednesday, meetings 8:30-4:30 (with a 45 minute break for lunch)
Thursday, meeting 8-12
Friday, meetings 8:30-11, and 12-2

Do you see that? Away from my desk a total of 25.5 hours (which doesn’t include travel time). And still had the normal amount of work to do. I was exhausted!

And keep in mind I still had my normal 12 hours at my part-time job and dance as well. And prep for Christmas too.

OK, I’m done feeling sorry for myself now.

And really, it’s no excuse. Writing is important to me and it soothes me, so I should have made it a priority. But I didn’t. So there ya go.

But I’m back now. And more often, I promise. Thanks for coming back!!

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