Alone in a crowded room

1 Nov

It’s been a long week. Very busy at work. Which is good, but still tiring. And I think I’m fighting some sort of bug because my energy’s been super low.

I mentioned before that I had to take the week off last week from the gym to rest my shins. I went today and tried to take it slow. I think not going to the gym has affected me. I learned a while ago that working out is an excellent way for me to stay at an even keel and not go thinky. Well, maybe just not go thinky as often.

I say all that because I’ve had a moment tonight of doubting myself. Of feeling alone in a crowded room. Of not feeling adequate.

And I’m not sure exactly why. Could be the tiredness. Could be Showcase is in a week and I’m starting to get excited about that. Could be a cold. Could just be the phase of the moon. I don’t think it’s important to know WHY (although that certainly makes it easier to push through it); it’s important to just realize it and start to pull myself out of it.

Just a few more minutes of wallowing and feeling sorry for myself, and then pull myself out of it I will. I’m going to bed (early!) after I post this. Tomorrow night, I’m getting together with a bunch of ladies from the dance studio for a girls night. And then I’ll sleep a lot.

And then this weekend: dancing, getting together with friends, and relaxing. I need to set some time aside for ME to just relax: read, knit, maybe watch a movie, go to the gym.

You know, take care of me.

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