Weekly roundup

29 Oct

Last week, I…

*Joined a church. And told my parents I was now going to an Episcopalian church, not a Catholic church.

*Pondered what a difference punctuation can make.

*Got my hair cut (overdue by about 2 months) and colored (on schedule) by my fabulous stylist.

*Made progress on the knitting projects I have to get done for Christmas.

*Had my dance anniversary!

*Caught up with my friend KC and heard about her new gentleman caller.

And ate good food.

*Was told that I was a well-rounded person which caught me off-guard.

*Made some apple strudel that did not turn out so well. Stupid phyllo dough.

*Took the week off from the gym to let my shins rest up. I tried to ramp up too much too soon.

*Took  a trip to the thinky place.

Yep. But then…

*Had two FANTASTIC dance lessons after leaving the thinky place. I’m getting set for Showcase!

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