Baby blankets!

15 Oct

Oh I’ve been remiss. I should have shared this with you a while ago. But you know. Stuff happens. (Read: I forgot I had started this.) Oops. My bad.

So anyway. My friends had a baby recently – a baby girl. I think she was about a week and a half overdue, so we’ve all been waiting anxiously for this! Although probably not as anxiously as them.

As I said to my friend, I can’t think of many more people than him (and her) that I think deserve the happy ending, total life happiness. And he is so happy with his wife – so in love! – and with the baby. Oh, it just makes my heart melt to see them so happy.

So I started knitting a baby blanket a while ago for them. It turned out to be a much bigger deal than I was anticipating – much more time than I had expected.

The pattern was from a book I bought at my favorite yarn store and I think it was actually written by the staff of that store. You start by knitting four triangles, starting with the tip and increasing as you go. Then you sew them together using the mattress stitch.

I had never done a mattress stitch before. So I looked on the Googles and found examples. Turns out, it’s pretty easy! Except if you don’t block the items beforehand. Which I didn’t do. My stitch holders weren’t long enough to be able to lay the triangle out flat and block it. (After it was all done, my coworker gave me a hint on how to do that. Where was she when I was trying to figure it out? But at least I’ll know for next time.)

Then you add the stitches back to the needles and knit the border. It ends up being about 30″ square.

I love how it turned out, and I’m super happy with the color palette. It doesn’t lay exactly square, which bothers me. So I asked a few friends if it was still giftable, or did it look TOO homemade? They all said it was totally giftable, plus how often will it be laying flat and square? It will either be folded in a drawer or around a baby. Good points. So I gave it to my friends.

I had a bit of yarn leftover, so I made a striped baby hat with that to match. Of course, I forgot to get a picture of that. But here’s the blanket:

Not square, but close enough, right?

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