#2: The manhattan

23 Sep

Remember the cocktail list from Burke’s cocktail guide?

Number two on the list: the manhattan.

I’ve never had a manhattan before. I’ve heard of it but I had never tried one. The ingredient list sound good though: basically a martini with whiskey instead of gin. So I made one. However, I was out of lemons, so I couldn’t do the lemon twist. It was a great cocktail, and I’m curious how the lemon twist would affect the taste. So I guess I’ll have to make another one once I get lemons. 🙂

The book lists recipes for a dry manhattan and a sweet manhattan. Again, the sweet one required two kinds of vermouth, so I tried the dry manhattan. I really enjoyed the taste! But between the two, I”ll take the martini.

Dry manhattan:
2 parts rye or Irish whiskey (I used Irish whiskey because I’m out of rye)
1 part vermouth
2 dashes bitters
Ice. Stir. (Again, I used my cocktail shaker. It’s just more fun.) Strain and serve in a glass with a cherry and add a lemon twist.



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