Weekly roundup

10 Sep

Last week, I…

*Celebrated the Labor Day holiday with lunch with LS. I love spending time with my friends and talking. So fun and just makes my soul feel better.

*Finished my crafty projects. More on one of them later. The other is a gift, so I have to wait to tell all of you until I give it.

*Continued my progress in my attitude about dance. I’m really starting to enjoy it again – a lot.

*Was the recipient of the best regift EVER.

Jealous, aren’t you? I know. I would be too.

*Made fabulous gluten-free brownies that were so good, they tasted like full-gluten brownies.

*Had dinner with MH. More spending time with friends and relaxing.

*Ran the Warrior Dash and completed every obstacle except the two involving heights. And I ran it in 45:32.35. Not bad for a 5K and for my first race!

*Had one of the most relaxing, enjoyable Sunday mornings ever.

Coffee, the crossword, a good book, and coffee cake as a treat. Ahhhh.

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