I’m a warrior

8 Sep

I did the Warrior Dash today with my friend RM. We’ve planning on this for a while – I think we signed up in May. I’ve been running a bit at the gym all summer, although I haven’t done as much training as I should. So I was a bit nervous going into this. 5K plus obstacles? I think I’m a strong person, so I figured I’d be OK. But would I really be OK?

We got there, got our gear, stood around for a bit and then started the race. I use the term race loosely – we were there just to do it and have fun. We weren’t worried about our times, and I thought I might need to walk some of it.

And actually the race went well. I have no idea what my time was – I’ll get the results in 2-3 days – but I thought we did well. I did have to walk at a few spots. I’m really bad at pacing myself while running outside, so I tend to go too fast. Plus we were talking the whole time, which makes it harder too. But a lot of people walked way more than I did, so I was fine with it. But I ran a majority of it which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do.

The obstacles went fine too. I had to skip two of them – they both involved heights and I just couldn’t do them. But I also knew that was a possibility as well. But I was able to do all the other ones.

So now I’ve done my first 5K. With obstacles. And mud. While wearing fake nails. (I still have them from Dance-O-Rama.)

And now I’m going to get a manicure and go to the grocery store. And then take a nap.

8 Responses to “I’m a warrior”

  1. The Landy September 8, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    Are you going to do another one & congratulations!

  2. hemingwayrun September 9, 2012 at 5:31 am #

    Nice entry!


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