Weekly roundup

24 Jul

Last week, I…

*Got back to writing and blogging. Yay! Man, I missed it.

*Worked out twice and helped my roommates move some stuff. So I count that as three workouts.

*Had an awesome dance coaching. (Not couch, COACH. Someday I’ll learn.)

*Had dinner with my sister. It was nice to chat with her.

*Hung out at home and got lots of stuff done around the house – the little piddly crap after moving. Including installing this cool storage thing for my hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron. Based on a post I saw on Pinterest. But still…pretty neat, huh?

Yeah, it made me feel very do-it-yourself-like.

*Shared my love of “Psych“. And Shawn Spencer. And the writing of “Psych”. And Shawn Spencer. Did I mention Shawn Spencer?

*Discovered that our oven is waaaaayyyy messed up. Heat to 375, then it cooled on its own to 250. Heat again to 375, then it heated on its own to 500. Needless to say, the cookies did not survive. I’m really hoping the landlords can get it fixed soon. I haven’t baked in a month!

*Bought my very first bottle of organic milk. I’ve wanted to switch for a long time but just never did it. But my awesome roommates drink it (except they drink 2% so we can’t share milk – bummer), so when SR and I went to co-op for stuff, I bought some. So glad I did.

(Wow, this might be the most boring week I’ve had in years. But that’s OK. I needed to disconnect a bit.)

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