A good coach…or couch

20 Jul

Every time I write the word coach, I instinctively want to write couch. Like I literally have to sound it out in my head to get the vowels right. So when I wanted to write about what an impact a good coach can make , it started out about a couch. Which I think could work too. Well, maybe not.

I had a dance coaching Tuesday night. I haven’t had one in a while, but this was with a coach that was supposed to be amazing. And you know what? He was.

I know all coaches are supposed to make whichever student they’re working with feel really good about their dancing; it’s part of their job. So I get that all the other students probably felt this too. Which makes it a tad less meaningful in my book but still. Let’s not focus on that part, OK?

What was so amazing, you ask? He had a way of giving me challenging things to work on while somehow boosting my confidence at the same time. (By the way, that whole coach/couch thing also applies to boost/boast.) I felt like I was the best bronze III dancer in the studio and that I was doing things at a silver level. I have no idea what level the things he was giving actually belong to. But it just felt so good to be so confident in my dancing. My teacher is awesome and often tells me things to boost my confidence. And he’s told me the exact same things many times before. But for some reason, I just heard it that night. Like deep inside heard it.

And it’s maybe finally starting to sink in. And I’m maybe starting to believe it more and more.

Maybe I really am a talented and good dancer.

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