Well, hello there!

18 Jul

Did you miss me? I know, I know…it’s been far too long since I’ve written. I’m claiming the old but true excuse: life got way busy.

I moved! Yep, July 1. On what was probably the hottest day of the year. Literally 100 degrees, heat index of 110 I think? So gross. And no air conditioning. Well, not for the first few hours until one of my roommates got the massive window unit installed. It actually works pretty well, but it’s no central air.

And I’m back in my ‘hood. Dear St Paul, how I’ve missed you! I’m so glad to be back here. And the adjustment to life with roommates again has gone really well – kinda better than I was expecting it to. And I think it’s gone well from their perspective too.

But the last month has taken everything out of me. My eating got off, my working out didn’t happen, dance was even tough mentally. I’ve been pretty thinky about a lot of things lately. Which is not so great for my happiness. But I think it’s leading to some interesting conclusions. (More on that soon.)

Overall, I’m doing OK. I’ve missed you, my awesome readers, and I”m glad to be back. Thanks for hanging in there with me. We’ll talk soon, OK?

In the meantime…

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