Weekly roundup

18 Jun

Last week wasn’t the most eventful week ever. But, I…

*Signed the lease on my new place! Terribly exciting.

*Had an exchange dance lesson. Very fun, we worked on a lot, but it’s not the same. Still, it was fun and helped me.

*Had dinner with MH. She’s so much fun. Afterwards, we hung out at her place with her awesome dog Henry until it was time to go to dance.

*Got a haircut from my fantastic stylist Jennifer. Love her! She’s great at what she does, and she gave me some good tips too.

*Finished knitting a cowl scarf. I think it may be a Christmas present for a friend of mine.

Or I may keep it for myself, since the colors are so good for me, and make her another one. It was close though…at the end, I only had a tiny bit of yarn left.

Dodged a bullet there.

*Bought yarn for my next two projects, which are also Christmas presents. (Man, I’m thinking ahead!)

Look at those wonky center-pull balls of yarn. Made by me. They don’t look pretty, but they’ll work!

*Made a great pasta and spinach dish for lunches this week. No baking though…needed the time to pack.

*Went to the gym three times. Yay!

*Realized that I’m sinking into myself and need to change that.

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