Weekly roundup

4 Jun


…the weekly roundup is back!

The last few weeks (months?) haven’t been the best for me – too much time in the thinky place. So I haven’t written the weekly roundup, because each one would have said “work, work, dance, maybe coffee with a friend, and brooding”. And who wants to read that?

But as I mentioned last week, I started coming out of this funk. So now, this should be a bit more upbeat than it would have been.

Last week, I…

*Went for a long bike ride on Monday. Because it was a holiday and a gorgeous day.

*Enjoyed the holiday by doing the crossword. And baking. And knitting. And being happy that I didn’t have to go to work. Don’t get me wrong; I love my job. But isn’t a day off just fantastic?

*Had two dance lessons: one totally thinky (boo) and one that was not thinky and was lots of fun (yay). So thankful for a patient teacher.

*Learned that I need to stay active. Physically and mentally.

*Took a co-worker and her daughter for their first intro dance lessons. The daughter’s hooked!

*Worked out a bunch. And by a bunch, I mean three times at the gym and three times at home.

*Did really well with my eating plan. But realized that the occasional pizza or burger is just fine.

*Went to dinner with WH. It had been far too long since we caught up.

*Had a fantastic day on Saturday: dance, lunch with SR, drinks with MH, and a long walk around my old ‘hood.

*Started taking photos to learn more about photography.

*Enjoyed the fact that this good happy mood has hung around for 3 days now. Woo hoo!


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