Gimme pizza!

1 Jun

Most of my meals are like this. With a few carbs. Because we all need a tiny bit of carbs, right?

I had lunch with my boss today. While we were walking there, we were talking about people being high maintenance about food and other things. He said that his wife wasn’t high maintenance about food – as long as she can order something somewhat healthy at a restaurant, she doesn’t care where they eat.

And I wondered if anyone would ever say that about me. And I knew the answer is no. And I started thinking if that was a good thing or not.

I try to eat healthy, or at least very balanced. Some days are better than others. But I love pizza. And a good burger. So I eat those, although less frequently than I used to.

I really admire those people who can stick to a very strict healthy eating plan. And I would love to be like that. Wouldn’t having that kind of willpower be awesome?

I could live on this stuff. But I don’t.

But life’s short. And as long as the junky stuff is all in moderation, does it matter? Overall I eat far more healthy than I used too (let’s ignore my veggie intake – or lack thereof for now). But when I go out to eat, sometimes I want to eat a greasy piece of pizza (see: lunch today). Or a juicy burger (see: outing with SP last weekend). Or a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

I feel guilty when I hear about people like my boss’s wife. Part of me thinks I SHOULD be like that. But isn’t it OK to occasionally eat what you want? (Please don’t tell my nutritionist about this. In her world, there is no junk food.)

Side note: Should is such an awful word. I’m trying to train myself not to use it. I should work on that. (Get the humor there?)

I think as long as I don’t eat junk all the time – like I used to back in the day – I think it’s fine. This week, I ate really really well and according to plan Monday through breakfast today. As long as I eat like that, I think the occasional (so occasional it’s almost rare) pizza or burger is fine.

So for me: eat well. Exercise. And once in a while…gimme the damn slice of pizza!

4 Responses to “Gimme pizza!”

  1. thegentlehome June 3, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

    I think you can eat whatever you like! The trick is to understand why “junk” is “junk” and make the same thing healthier! Like pizza, with whole grain crust (no corn syrup) organic olive oil, fresh basil and mozzarella or feta with tons of veggies. Seriously, doesn’t that sound amazing?! There’s lots of things you could “remake”

  2. Robyn C. June 8, 2012 at 9:26 am #

    I think EVERYTHING in moderation. It is unrealistic to think I will never have pizza ever again. But I don’t need to have it every day and I don’t need to eat the whole pizza myself. It is setup for failure to say I will never eat ice cream again – but I can have one scoop instead of the whole container. Moderation is what I need to practice! Great post!

    • The Reinvented Lass June 8, 2012 at 9:27 am #

      Exactly! I don’t have to have pizza every week. But I can certainly have it occasionally.

      Thanks for the kind words! 🙂


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