The light at the end of the tunnel (aka weekly roundup?)

28 May

I may have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, that’s not the exact metaphor I’m looking for. But the bottom line is that I’m starting to feel better. I think this funk I’ve been in is starting to lift.

It started on Friday. It was super quiet at work as most people had taken the day off. I got through a ton of my to-d0s, which made me feel great. I got a chance to really clean my desk too with desk cleaner and get all that dust off. When I left at the end of the day, my desk was clean, clear and orderly.

Which makes me happy.

Saturday, I had an excellent therapy appointment. We made some connections about this funk I’ve been in, what it means, and how to begin to address it. Taking action always makes me feel better, and making some sense of this helps too.

Since some of it relates to dance, I had a long talk with my teacher about some of it too. He had some good insights and ideas, and I think I’m feeling better about going to the studio. Tomorrow will be the test though.

After my lesson Saturday, I hung out with SP. We got awesome burgers and then tried a new yogurt place in town. I can’t tell you the last time I had a real burger. It was divine. Ditto with the frozen yogurt – haven’t been out for it in years. And it was fabulous. Plus she’s just fun to hang out with. The rest of Saturday was spent with the usual errands and cleaning.

Sunday, I did my laundry, made my food for the week, and read. Read and read and read. It was heavenly. I also realized that I had the needles I needed to start the next knitting project, so I started that. It felt good to be doing something creative again. I realize now that I’ve been neglecting that part of my soul (hence the lack of blog posts recently), so I really need to focus on that. I also rediscovered (ok, remembered) the apps I have from Andrew Johnson. I use his Relax one and his Move On one. You definitely need to check out his stuff. It works.

Today was glorious. I went for an hour bike ride this morning in the sun. It felt good to get out there and really work out outside. I read. I did the crossword. I baked some great food: chocolate cinnamon pudding and a chocolate buckwheat cake. And I knitted a lot.

So…lessons learned this weekend:

*Therapy is good.

*Talking to friends is fun and help you out sometimes too.

*I need to stay active, body and mind.

*Three-day weekends are freaking awesome.

*Remember this feeling and do my best to not lose it tomorrow. Don’t give in to the funk.

3 Responses to “The light at the end of the tunnel (aka weekly roundup?)”


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