Prepping for Showcase

12 May

In getting ready for Showcase, I prepare the usual way. Improve this technique, learn that new step, change this thing in my posture. But I’ve had other students ask me what I do the day of to get ready. So I’ll tell you my secrets. And as I tell other students, everyone should do what’s right for them. Some students do nothing. This is just what I do.

To start, I get a spray tan the day before. I go for the medium setting. Anything darker would look freaky.

First thing in morning, hair up. My goal is to get my hair up off my face and secured so there is no chance of flyaways. My tools:

Yep, I use all that. Hair in a ponytail, then ballerina doughnut, then hair around doughnut and held with a ponytail holder. Then hairnet to keep it all in and bobby pins. Lots of bobby pins. Then bangs pinned back and blended in. And then hair spray. The best hair spray? Got2Be Glued. It’s the AquaNet for today.

After hair, then makeup.

Far more makeup than I usually wear. Foundation primer, then foundation (a shade darker than my spray tan but that will make sense in a minute), then powder. Lots of blush. Remember, you’re going to be under stage lights. So clown-like makeup will look OK. For me, I tend to not wear enough makeup anyway. So when I think I’ve put enough on, I put a little more on. Next eyeshadow primer, then eyeshadow – four colors. I am not an expert by any means, so I went to the fabulous people at the MAC counter and got their help on colors and products. Then black eyeliner. Then a little mascara. Then fake eyelashes. (I did not know how to work with those, so I went to my local salon and had a stylist do them the first time so I could learn.) After the lash glue has dried a bit, more mascara and eyeliner. Then lipstick (two colors to get the right shade) and lip gloss. Whew.

Another shot of hairspray to hold the hair.

Not done yet! Then self-tanner. It darkens my skin a bit but still looks natural. I use Sex Symbol Aerotan, and it’s very dummy-proof. It makes a mess, so I stand in the tub when I use it.

Gross, right? It does wash off and washes off the tub easily, but I can’t clean the tub until after Showcase, otherwise it would wash off me. Thank god I never learned the hard way on that one. The spray tan isn’t supposed to be used on your face, so I use a darker foundation so my face matches the rest of my skin.

Then I get dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt. (Don’t want to have to try and get a shirt on and off over my head and potentially ruin my hair and makeup.) Then one more shot of hairspray. It’s a bit weird to drive to the hotel in full clown makeup and hair all done and in jeans. But I kinda giggle at the reactions I get too.

At the hotel, I change into my fabulous dress and start dancing!

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