A weekend to take care

27 Apr

Last weekend, I planned on hanging out at home, relaxing and recharging. I was going to hang with friends, make jewelry, and just be by myself. A weekend to recharge and reenergize. Which was desperately needed.

And it didn’t happen.

Saturday got crazy. I went to the dance class, ran a quick errand (which turned out to take much longer due to all the road construction around town – sigh), meet MH for coffee, had a dance lesson, ran more errands, and went home. Sunday, I worked on gluing rhinestones all day. So I got a lot done, just not a lot that would reenergize me.

And I’m fried still.

So…this weekend, I will. Tomorrow, I have an appointment, and that’s the only thing on my calendar. I have some errands to run and some gluing to do, but I should be able to do all of that on Saturday, leaving Sunday for me. I need to do that. I need to sleep, rest, and recharge.

Think I can do it?

2 Responses to “A weekend to take care”

  1. Marsha April 28, 2012 at 8:06 am #

    Of course you CAN!

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