Weekly roundup

16 Apr

Last week, I…

*Had my first baseline mammogram. Yep, I’m old. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as bad as people say it is.

*Tried to figure out  how I would treat a 5-year-old that was going through what I’m going through. (Yep, still no answers on that one.)

*Had another fitting for my dance dress. Can’t wait!

*Reminded myself that the comparison game can be dangerous, and the important comparison is my life to what I want it to be.

*Made a great chicken pasta with lemon cream sauce and a FANTASTIC chocolate salted caramel shortbread. YUM.

*Had coffee with KB at a great neighborhood coffeehouse – outside on a beautiful Minnesota morning. Much laughter ensued.

*Got deblonded again by my hair stylist. I love being a brunette!

*Dinner and shopping with SR and NA. This involved pretty cocktails like a strawberry mojito…

and a pear-lavender martini…

and a glass of red wine for me because I was driving.

*Bought something I’ve wanted for a really long time…

red heels!! I finally found a pair with a good size heel in the right shade of red for a reasonable price.

*Had two great dance lessons.

And most importantly….

*Found out that enough people have signed up and put money down for Dance-O-Rama in Chicago, so now the price is cheap enough that I CAN GO!!!!!! Bucket list items being crossed off. Dreams coming true here, people. DREAMS COMING TRUE!!!!

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