Weekly roundup

26 Mar

Last week, I…

*Worked a bunch of hours. A BUNCH.

*Helped my parents move a crapload of furniture to the garage in preparation of selling their house. No need to go to the gym that day – my biceps were sore the next day.

*Had dinner at my sister AK’s house and hung out with her family. It was actually nice. Good to reconnect with those kids again.

*Brunch at the fabulous Zumbro Cafe with JK. Words can’t describe the food or the company – both were awesome.

*Wondered in what way I’m special.

*Work party for my part-time job at Pinz. Found out I still suck at bowling, but it was fun.

*Birthday party for my niece/goddaughter. She’s one of the sweetest kids ever. I forgot her present though at home – epic fail on my part.

*Had so much crap scheduled this weekend, I had to take today off to get things done like laundry and cleaning. Nothing makes you feel like an adult like using vacation time to do laundry and pay bills.

*Made a pear-chocolate cake – info on that soon.

*Read “Hunger Games” and the sequel. Both were good, although not the be-all, end-all people have been making them out to be, in my opinion.

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