Weekly roundup

19 Mar

Last week, I…

*Went to a Lia Sophia party at KC’s house. It was surprisingly fun. I did buy a ring, because can you really go to those and not buy something? Plus, I helped KC prep for the party, which was fun hanging out time.

*Saw this on March 15th, which made me laugh out loud.

*Had an interesting dance lesson.

*Learned (thankfully not the hard way) that you can’t leave a cake with cream cheese frosting on the counter for 36 hours.

*Watched some of my friends graduate their level at the Medal Ball at the studio.

*Celebrated St Patrick’s day at home – which was just fine with me. That post has some of my favorite Irish sayings, including “As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction.” and “May those who love us, love us; and those who don’t love us, may God turn their hearts; and if He doesn’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles so we’ll know them by their limping.” and my favorite, the mouse on the barroom floor.

*Had a 3-day weekend! First one in almost 2 months. (That’s a new record for me. In my old job, I was taking a day off every 3 weeks or so.)

*Got my new smooth dance shoes!

Huh. Didn’t realize my finger was in that picture til just now.

*Met with my fabulous dressmaker to begin designing my new dance dress!! SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED.

*Had a lovely happy hour with AM. So great to catch up with her.

*Wrote what may have been the lamest blog post ever.

*Got a long overdue haircut. I love my hair stylist – she’s great!

*Brunch with JH. It’s been far too long since we hung out. I miss her, so it was nice to chat.

*Had deja vu all over again and made the fresh ginger cake again. This time I put the frosting in the fridge.

*Worked a bunch at my part-time job. Still saving for Dance-O-Rama, ya know.

*Wondered if the universe was telling me to start dating again and if so, how do you meet people?

*Had a very relaxing Sunday due to the 3-day weekend. Actually took a nap!

2 Responses to “Weekly roundup”

  1. Darlene B March 22, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    Which Dance-O-Rama are you preparing for? And make sure you post a picture of your new dance dress when it is finished.

    • The Reinvented Lass March 22, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

      I will post it! I’m hoping for Northstar in August but it just depends.

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