Is being busy worth it?

3 Mar

I’ve talked before about wanting a simple life. I’m still not sure how to achieve that. I’ve tried to weed out my clothes and books to declutter. And that’s my focus right now in terms of simplifying.

Mainly because I can’t figure out how to eliminate things out of my schedule and still do all I want to do! I work Monday through Friday 7:30 to 4 at my job. Then after work…
…On Mondays, I go to the gym and then to my part-time job, getting home around 8.
…On Tuesday and Wednesdays, I go to my part-time job until 8 and then go to the dance studio, getting home around 9.
…On Thursday, I go to the gym, I meet friends for dinner, then go to the dance studio, getting home around 10.
…On Fridays, I go to my part-time job, getting home around 8.
…On Saturdays, I go to the gym, then to my part-time job, then to the dance studio, leaving home around 10 and getting home around 6.
And none of that (other than dinner on Thursdays) includes socializing with anyone – or doing any hobbies. And on the weekends, I need to clean, do laundry, pay bills, go to the grocery store, get gas in my car, and make all the food for the following week.

Sometimes I feel really busy. Does having this schedule mean I can’t try to simplify my life? Am I crazy to try to do all this each week? Is it worth it?

I think it may be worth it. I’m working so much at my part-time job partially because the work is there (in terms of helping the owner) but also because I’m trying to save money for Dance-O-Rama. And dancing is so important to me and brings me joy and happiness. So yes, I’m super busy, judging by how little I’m actually home. And I do get super tired by Friday night. But I try to keep in mind that this is all bringing good to my life, it’s busyness for a reason, it’s better than going home at 4:30 and sitting my ass on the couch to watch TV all night, it won’t be forever, and it’s all working towards goals and a better life.


3 Responses to “Is being busy worth it?”

  1. shannon March 3, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    I wonder how much time you’re wasting commuting between all these activities. Can you consolidate any of it? I don’t know what your partime job is, but can you go fewer times per week, but stay for longer periods of time? What kind of workout are you doing at the gym? Is it something you can accomplish at home, while enjoying a favorite tv show that you tivo? Or are you going to the gym on campus, and therefore it’s convenient to your fulltime job?

    Being busy is good, it makes life fly by as you work toward your goals. But it sounds like you’re missing social time, more hobby time, and/or just some veg out time. Can you justify missing this for a while? Also, keep in mind that dance IS your hobby. Sure baking is fun, along with other hobby stuff, but how many hobbies can you keep up regularly? Right now, you are working towards danceorama, and that means your lessons/practice and partime work are a priority. Can you see yourself enjoying more of your other hobbies later on? You can still bake your cookies on occasional Sundays…

    Your life doesn’t have to be busy like this forever. And you could burn out after a while. Just allow yourself to readjust as necessary. As long as all your activities serve a purpose and feel valuable time-wise, keep it up. When you feel swamped by it all, sit down with your schedule and goals and refigure it out. It’s not a failure, it’s just life. You can achieve your goals, and still enjoy the process of getting there. And you’re right, being busy is better than wasting away on your ass on the couch. (But reading a magazine for an hour on the couch while you enjoy a coffee is worth it too. Maybe set up a magazine coffee chat date with a friend. You can both flip thru the same mag while on the phone drinking your coffee.) You’ve got a lot going for you, positive stuff! Just keep chugging along.

    • The Reinvented Lass March 4, 2012 at 8:26 am #

      Luckily, the commuting is minimal. The part-time job is in between the real job and the dance studio. I try to work at the part-time job just in between work and dance; it beats traveling all the way back home and then back to the studio. And the gym is right there too, so it’s totally convenient (other than on Sundays).

      Good point on the hobbies. Right now dance and my part-time job are the priorities because of Dance-O-Rama. If I get to go to that, and when I move back in August, some of this might fix itself.

      And also, good thought on allowing the readjustments, To a certain extent, it is what it is, and it’s just for the short-term.

      LOVE the idea of a magazine coffee chat date! You in? 🙂

      Thanks, Shanni. You always help.


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