To run or not to run

27 Feb

I have always avoided running as a form of exercise.

My knees often hurt after high impact exercise. So I’ve always done the elliptical machine instead. When I first started dancing and working on waltz, I had some knee pain. I went to the doctor, and it turns out all those years on the elliptical made my IT band under-develop. So I’ve been working on developing and strengthening that over time.

I started a new job in December. And most of the people I work with day-to-day are runners. And they like to talk about how awesome running is. Except my boss. He runs because it’s the most efficient way to burn calories, not because he loves it. Or even likes it.

I’ve been trying to workout more – hey, last week I made my goal of three times to the gym. I’ve been doing the bike as a cardio workout. But peer pressure was getting to me and I thought I wanted to try running.

Confession: treadmills scare me. I have such crappy balance in everyday life that I often feel like I’m going to fall off a treadmill. I know, it’s weird, but there you go. Treadmills were another reason to avoid running. But if running was a great of a cardio workout as people say, maybe I should do it.

So I thought I’d give it a go today. I talked to my friend CD today; she’s a big runner. She reassured me that she knew of some people who had the same feeling about treadmills, and she gave me some really good tips on how to start a running program.

I went to the gym after work. And I tried running on the treadmill. And I did it! I did about 20 minutes of interval running.

And wow, am I tired. In those 20 minutes, I burned more than half the calories I burn in 45 minutes on the bike. And I have that I-worked-out-and-I’m-physically-drained feeling now, much more so than I get with other cardio workouts. My knees hurt a tiny bit, but some ibuprofen took care of that.

So I think I’ll keep trying the running thing. Thanks, CD, for getting me started!!

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