vs Quicken

26 Feb

I’m still trying to save money and stay strictly within budget each month. Tracking how I spend my money is key in doing this. So I’ve been looking for tools to help with us.

I’ve been using Quicken for about 10 years. And I really like it. I never use the download feature, because I’ve always thought it’s important to enter my receipts. That way, if I see a transaction on my statement (yes I balance my checkbook each month) that’s not already entered, I know I missed one and can review it. But I’m not sure how important that is to me anymore. Maybe just reviewing a list of downloaded transactions would suffice?

Lately, I’ve been hearing people talk about and how superlatively wonderful it is. So I checked it out. seems like a really good option. But what I can’t figure out is the one thing that I love about Quicken. In Quicken, I can set a list of monthly transactions, like my car insurance which is auto-deducted from my checking account, and have Quicken automatically enter them however many days ahead of time. So I have all these transactions entered about 10 days prior to the date they happen. So when I look at my register in Quicken, I see a true balance for 10 days out. I cannot figure out how I can get to do that. It seems to be able to download transactions that have already happened, and it can remind me of upcoming ones. But it doesn’t enter upcoming ones for me.

Does anyone use Am I just missing this feature? If it can do it, I’d love to switch, because seems to be better at goal-setting and budgets. Or is there an option that’s better than either of these?

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