Weekly roundup

20 Feb

In the last week, I…

*Made an awesome bourbon chocolate cake that was a bit bourbon-y, but that just made it better in my opinion.

*Learned all about the difference between bourbon and whiskey, thanks to the talkative liquor store guy.

*Had dinner with friend DF who I haven’t seen in a long time. It was fun to catch up – and I had a cocktail!

*Met some very fun ladies at a gathering to eat, drink, and knit/crochet. I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

*Watched the season finale of Downton Abbey. I’m sad that it’s over, can’t wait for season three, and am looking forward to what else will be Masterpiece this year.

*Started thinking about how you can believe in yourself when there is no empirical evidence and you just have to believe. (A very difficult thing for me.)

*Two dance lessons: one great one with lots of laughter and one in the thinky place. My poor teacher.

*Did a follow-up session for the Discovery Writing workshop I took last fall. It reinforced to me a few things that I’ve learned about myself – one of which is that writing is important to me.

*Beat myself up about not working out and eating poorly. It took me a while to stop doing that. Or at least stop doing that so much. (I still do it.) Today was a good day though – 30 minute walk at lunch, 40 minutes on the bike at the gym after work, and pretty good eating all day. Hopefully this will start to help me pull myself out of the thinky place where I’ve been for about two weeks.

*Had lunch with the owner of the place that I work part-time to start to figure out how else I can help her in her business with administrative assistant support. I’m excited about that because it’ll be extra money for me (Dance-O-Rama baby!) and I think I can really make a difference for her.

*Had the fabulous Sarah at Sarah on the Go let me repost her blog post on optimism and happiness. Read it. It was great and ties into me not beating myself up.

*Listed a bunch of clothes and necklaces on Ebay as a result to continuing to try to simplify my life and own less crap.

*Found this saying:

I think it might be my new favorite saying. I should have it tattooed on me. Right now, it’s taped to the wall so I see it every morning. When I move, I think I want to make a wall plaque of it. (Hope that’s OK, SR!)

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