I haven’t treated myself well

18 Feb

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. A fight with my sister, slow days at work, PMS, and overthinking things led to terrible eating and no working out.

Now I feel like a fat slow cow. I know I’m not, but I feel terrible. And it was a slope that I allowed myself to continue down. All the while beating myself up about what I was doing. And spending money for to-go food in the process.

So now my checkbook is lower than it should be – not hugely, but it doesn’t go well with my trying to stay within budget. And I have more body fat than I did – not a ton, not even really noticeable but still. And my brain has been beating me up for about a week.

My poor dance teacher has had to deal with much of this. Not directly, not that he knows about all this. But my attitude has been poor – very down on myself, very much thinking no one wants me around the studio. And work – my patience is very thin at work right now as a result of all this too. Thankfully, not in a noticeable way. But at work, especially at my part-time job, I’ve had a tough time keeping my mouth shut around some coworkers.

So now I’m giving myself a stern talking to. STOP IT. Stop the bad self-talk, stop the poor eating (DF, that dinner tonight was awesome but may have been the last straw), start moving your ass and working out, start enjoying dance again by being glad to be there.

You know, if you think it’s going to suck, it’s going to suck. Self-talk can be helpful when you use it in a positive way. So I’m going to do my best to change things around this week.

A few weeks ago, I tried to bribe myself about going to the gym. In the middle of that week was the fight with my sister, which threw everything out of whack. So I’m trying again. This week, I think I can get to the gym three or four times. If I do, I’ll reward myself. (How, I’m not quite sure.) I also have a slight competition with my boss, although I’m not sure he’s aware of it. He runs at the gym at work over lunch, and he’s determined to go 4 times a week. The last few weeks, he’s only made it three times. And I get to harass him when he doesn’t make his goal. So now I have additional motivation to get to the gym – I can gloat if I make my goal and he doesn’t.

I can’t spend any more time on how bad I’ve treated myself and how badly I’ve taken care of myself in the last week and a half. I need to just look and move forward. And do what I need to do to take care of myself. Because I deserve to be taken care of well. And I will try to keep this in mind:

4 Responses to “I haven’t treated myself well”

  1. Robyn Couillard February 19, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    Be gentle with yourself. If taking good care of yourself was easy everyone would be doing it. This is a marathon not a sprint…you know, all those sayings and stuff ☺ Please give yourself credit for the effort, the thought, the willingness to get back up and have another go at it. True courage is getting back up after having fallen down. Go Lassy Go!!

    • The Reinvented Lass February 19, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

      Thanks! I hear ya. Just hard to follow sometimes. I do tend to beat myself up but I’m trying not to this time.

  2. GrowthLines... February 27, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    Sometimes it’s hard to turn ourselves around once we head in downhill. We seem to pick up speed as we beat ourselves up for stumbling. One of my supervisors in graduate school used to say, “When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.” I try to remember that when I feel myself heading in an unproductive direction. Hope the days ahead are better. Be kind to yourself in the process.


  1. Weekly roundup « The Reinvented Lass - February 20, 2012

    […] *Beat myself up about not working out and eating poorly. It took me a while to stop doing that. Or at least stop doing that so much. (I still do it.) Today was a good day though – 30 minute walk at lunch, 40 minutes on the bike at the gym after work, and pretty good eating all day. Hopefully this will start to help me pull myself out of the thinky place where I’ve been for about two weeks. […]

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