Weekly roundup

30 Jan

In the last two weeks, I…

*Have not worked out due to stupid bronchitis.

*Have not eaten entirely according to my eating plan because the stupid bronchitis killed my energy and I didn’t feel like cooking.

*Missed a whole week at the dance studio because my stupid bronchitis was making me cough so much in the evenings, I sounded like Typhoid Mary.

*Have not baked, knitted or written much.

*Had a birthday party, four months after my actual birthday.

*Began to think about simplifying life and what that means.

*Had new people start to follow my blog.

*Got back into the swing of things this weekend by baking Nutella cookies (to die for, almost literally) and sorting all my yarn.

The good news is that Super Saturday is this Saturday, and I’ve been too consumed with my stupid bronchitis to really think about it much.

But I think I’m getting back to 100% now. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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